Android LogoAfter much debate and indecision I finally decided to buy a android phone instead of the iphone. Essentially I don’t like apples walled garden no matter how big it is. Also I guess I have a thing with not following the mob. The phone I got is the Motorola CLIQ XT.

The phone decent given the budget I had and it fulfills my requirements, essentially wifi, decent camera (in this case 5 MP) and a.GPS.

After my first day of use I just wish the screen was bigger and the battery lasted LONGER!

The main reason I wanted to get an android phone was so I can get my hands dirty with some app.development. Alhough I have had some experience with making an iphone app, the requirement to own a Mac and not being able to put it on a real phone kinda put me off. Objective-C was no help either.

Anyway right now I am trying to find essential apps to make this phone more productive so letter me know if you know of any. Oh and yeah I am posting this from my PHONE! 🙂